Lost My Voice

It’s Sunday evening, several days past one of the greatest moments in American history, namely Barack Obama becoming president and I have lost my voice. Yes, I have absolutely no singing voice and it’s been gone for two weeks plus. I got sick two weeks ago and my speaking voice was all but a whisper. I feel better but my voice is completely annihilated. I am worried sick about it. I had a dream about me being asked to sing and instead I had to play a recording of one of my songs. I’ve even had thoughts of making music the Quincy Jones approach by having other performers sing and play my music, while I direct. That idea worked for a hot minute. Okay, so I’ve jumped the gun a just a little.

I went to the GP yesterday and he couldn’t figure it out. He said it’s time to call the ENT and that is what I am going to do first thing tomorrow morning. You see, I have hope that somebody is going to return my voice just like I have hope that Barack is going to take action in restoring the economy and the damage that has been done to our nation. It’s going to be a tough battle ahead on both accounts because the damage is quite grave.

It’s so bad that I can’t even hit a note. The most I can do is squeal like a mouse. Well, if you have any bright ideas or home remedies, please pass them along. I have temporary lost my voice before, but not like this. This is bad as the Dow falling 700 points. I have hope that all will we well again with time and good care.

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