When you blend psychedelic rock, ambient pop with old school R&B, you get the eclectic sound of singer/songwriter, Martina Downey.  Sign Post, Martina’s sophomore release, is introspective and examines life through a spiritual lens.  She addresses relationships, but musically pushes her sound to the very edge.

Born in Paterson, NJ, Martina grew up listening to R&B and Rock of the 60s and 70s.  She taught herself how to sing by listening to records and singing in church choir.  Upon spending countless hours in the music library, Martina developed a deep appreciation for different genres including: classical, rock, blues and alternative music.  In the 70s, Martina put a quarter in a jukebox and discovered David Bowie. Her concept of music changed altogether.  John Lennon and Joan Armatrading were also major influences.

Martina has sung solo with several gospel choirs including Lavender Light Gospel Choir and the Voices of Liberation.  She sang in several rock bands through the 80s through early 90s, among them being the black rock band Nu-Lyf and the rock band Ball.

Singing gospel by day and rocking out at night, it was inevitable that Martina would combine genres to create an approach that was uplifting without compromising reality.

Martina has appeared at the Provincetown Theatre, in B.Lois Wadas’ production of Women Wording, WOW Café, the Fresh Fruit Festival at the Nuyorican Poets Café and Jersey City Pride.

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